Team Ministries

You Belong at Cornerstone!

Becoming actively involved in your church is vital for your spiritual growth. This involvement in turn helps the church achieve it's own spiritual goals. We offer so many different ways you can be a part of this exciting growth. We need peoples involvement in many different areas. You can be as active as you like. We are a relatively small congregation but we love to take on BIG projects so we are grateful for any and all participation. When we work together as a team, there's no such thing as a project or event to big!

Please contact any board member or existing team member at to inquire about how you can help out on a team that may bring out your particular spiritual gifts. We promise you will be amazed how uplifting spiritual teamwork can be for you. Click here to view the many opportunities God has placed before you.

Not sure what your spiritual gifts are? Take the Spiritual Gifts Survey. Click here.

Cornerstone MCC Ministry Teams

  • Building & Grounds – maintaining buildings, performing or coordinating repairs, providing lawn care
  • Congregational Care – providing help for members who become ill, develop disabilities, have financial distress, or become hospitalized
  • Drama – creates joyful and new opportunities to express spirit and allows for a deeper emotional vesting in the church. We bring Scripture to life.
  • Facility – inside cleaning and occasionally decorating
  • Fellowship – planning and coordinating events which bring folks together – social/ fun events, fundraisers, etc.
  • Hospitality – providing or coordinating food, beverages, refreshments for various occasions
  • Multi-media – supporting worship and special events by audio, visual, computer and camera equipment
  • Music – planning and participating in music as a part of worship (playing instruments, singing, etc.)
  • Organizational/Inventory – organizing rooms for optimal use and keeping inventory of equipment and furniture
  • Outreach – planning and coordinating activities and services that meet identified community needs
  • Prayer – agreeing to pray for specific people (members and others) where needs are recognized or requested
  • Ushers – performing jobs for worship in conjunction with pastor and worship committee
  • Welcome – enthusiastically welcoming visitors and following up with them
  • Worship – planning and participating in the worship service Sunday morning and other special occasions